Hey! Say! JUMP

Me and my friends are ‘anime addicts’. One day, my friend saw a forum thread about Ouran High School Host Club Live cast. We’ve already seen the live movie of Prince of Tennis (we’re fans of this anime) and we thought that the boys there are cool. She told this to us and found varius fans thinking and talking who can do the role.My friend (the one who saw the forum) likes Honey-senpai (Haninozuka Mitsukuni) in Ouran so much and when she found the said ‘nominee’ for him, she immediately googled it (includes profile and pictures and other stuffs). His name was Chinen Yuuri.

Then next day, she started telling us how cute Chinen is and made us listen to Chinen’s band song. The first one she introduced to us is the song entitled ‘Bon Bon’. The 4 of us then started searching for these guys group name, pictures and everything. we first found Hey! Say! 7. The Group who sang the song Bon Bon.

It has five members:

Chinen Yuuri

Yamada Ryosuke

Yuto Nakajima

Daiki Arioka

Yuya Takaki

Their songs that I know are:

Bon Bon

Hey! Say!

credits to JapaneseFan21 for the video

Then we found out that the Hey! Say! 7 is only a temporary group and they debuted as Hey! Say! Jump (Johnny’s Ultra MusicPower)along with other 5 boys.

The new Hey! Say! Jump has 2 subgroups. The new Hey! Say! 7 and the Hey! Say! Best. The new Hey! Say! 7 consists of Hey! Say! Jump’s youngest boys: (The former

Hey! Say! 7 is different from the new Hey! Say! 7)

(name – birthday)

Chinen Yuuri – November 30, 1993

Yamada Ryosuke – May 9, 1993

Yuto Nakajima – August 10, 1993

Keito Okamoto – April 1, 1993

Morimoto Ryutaro – April 6, 1995

While the Hey! Say! Best (BoysExcellentSelectTeam) consists of Hey! Say!

Jump’s older boys:

(name – birthday)

Yabu Kota – January 31, 1990

Yuya Takaki – March 26, 1990

Inoo Kei – June 22, 1990


Daiki Arioka – April 15, 1991 (1991-04-15)

Yaotome Hikaru – December 2, 1990

They just debuted on November 2007, a very fresh group fro Johnny’s entertainment. They are the youngest of all the Johnny’s and they are the group who has the most number of members (they are 10) They also said that they don’t have a leader and they decided not to have one. They even said that they scold each other. The Hey! Say! Jump members are (I think) very free-spirited group of teen-agers. I watched the making of Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and even though it was a very serious song, you can see their playful sides on there and almost everytime. They make fun of each other, tease each other, play with each other and almost everything. Even though there’s 10 of them, they get together like a family.

They’ve made several songs and these are the one I’ve listened so far:

Ultra Music Power (their debut single)

credits to sakura619255 for the video

Dreams Come True (Their second single)

credits to taptap102 for the video

Star Time

credits to yuurichii for the video

Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

credits to JapaneseFan21 for the video

Your Seed

credits to KittyYu93 for the video

Bouken Rider

credits to hydsatoshi14 for the video

There are other songs (I guess) and their new song, Jounetsu Jump (Passion Jump). There’s also Endless Dream and other new songs and I will try to post them too in the next days.


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  1. Posted by Paula on May 24, 2009 at 11:54 am


    You are sooo great!!! Your blog I mean.
    Sugoi, sugoi!!! Hounto desu yo.

    Watashi mo ne, Nihonggo wa totemo suki.



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