Berry Names in Pokemon

Here are the origin of berry names in pokemon.

I want to put everything together in one page honestly, that’s the only thing I want to accomplish. It’s hard to look at each and single one separately so I just compiled everything. The names are from bulbapedia 😀

Cheri – Cherry

Chesto – Chestnut

Pecha – Anagram of Peach

Rawst – anagram of Straw and adding the word berry, Strawberry

Aspear – Asian Pear

Leppa – anagram of Apple

Oran – Orange (a blue orange lol)

Persim – Persimmon

Lum – Plum without the P

Sitrus – Citrus (replaced C with S)

Figy – Fig with a Y

Wiki – anagram of Kiwi

Mago – Mango, without the n

Aguav – anagram of Guava

Iapapa – Papaya (ya = ia then changed it’s place)

Razz – razz = rasp + berry = Raspberry

Bluk – bluk (sounds like black) + berry = Black berry

Nanab – Banana (read it backwards plus an a at the end)

Wepear – Western Pear (asian pear then western pear lol)

Pinap – Pineapple

Pomeg – Pomegrante

Kelpsy – Kelp, with the sy

Qualot – anagram of Loquat

Hondew – Honeydew

Grepa – anagram of Grape

Tamato – Tomato

Cornn – Corn (minus one n)

Magost – Mangosteen

Rabuta – Rambutan (without the m and n)

Nomel – Lemon (read backwards)

Spelon – Spiked Melon

Pamtre – Palm Tree (yeah, it’s wierd)

Watmel – Watermelon (my favorite fruit XD)

Durin – Durian, without the a

Belue – blue with an additional e + berry = Blueberry

Liechi – Lychee (it’s probably because Ly sounds like Lie and Chee sounds like Chi)

Ganlon – anagram of Longan

Salac – Salak (k to c)

Petaya – Pitaya (i to e)

Apicot – Apricot, without the r

Lansat – Langsat, without the g

Starf – Starfruit

Enigma – Enigma (this is even weirder than the palm tree)

Pumkin – Pumpkin, without the p

Drash – a play on the word Radish

Eggant – from Eggplant

Strib – String Beans

Chilan – Chinese Lantern (a.k.a. WInter Cherry, I thought it was Chili at first)

Nutpea – Peanut (just flip the syllables)

*Ginema – it’s probably from “Tamanegi” which is the Japanese word for onion (considering that Ginema looks kinda like an onion)

*Kuo – Okra (I dunno how Okra became Kuo either)

*Yago – from “Goya”, the Japanese word for Bitter Melon

*Touga – from “Tougarashi”, the Japanese word for Chili pepper

*Niniku –  from “Ninniku”, the Japanese word for Garlic

*Topo – from Potato

*only available to players of the Japanese games

Occa – a play on the word Cocoa

Passho – from Passion fruit

Wacan – Wax Candle (lol, it doesn’t make sense, i know but in Japanese, the berry was named and designed after the candle tree)

Rindo – Tamarind

Yache – from Cherimoya (I guess from the first and last syllables)

Chople – Chipotle (smoke-dried jalapeño)

Kebia – Akebia without the a

Shuca – Cashew (shew sounds like shu and then probably exchanged their places)

Coba – Babaco (without the ba and then flipped XD)

Payapa – Papaya (jumbled syllables) (I just noticed that there’s two berries named after Papaya. In the Japanese names though, this berry is named after Calabash or Bottle Gourd)

Tanga – Pitanga, without the pi

Charti – from Artichoke (mixed and matched letters XD)

Kasib – Cassava (although the Japanese name and design is after Buddha’s Hand)

Haban – from “Terihabanjirōor Strawberry Guava

Colbur – Cocklebur

Babiri – anagram of Biriba

Micle – Miracle fruit, minus the ra

Custap – Custard Apple

Jaboca – Jabuticaba

Rowap – Water Apple (a mix and watch of letters I suppose XD)


Comic Alley in my POV

I’m pretty sure that almost all anime and manga enthusiasts out there knows Comic Alley. It’s a relatively small shop but has stalls in major malls (SM and Trinoma as an example) here in the Philippines. I myself visit Comic Alley and look at their stuff whenever I go to a mall that has one. But, there is something that Comic Alley is not telling. Most of their products are fake.

Yes, you heard that right. Fake. I’m not saying all because personally I don’t know if all items there are fake or maybe there are some genuine items there. Who knows? I’ve only observed their figures. Their figmas and nendroids are questionable in terms of price. Believe it or not, genuine anime items are very, very expensive.

By the way, I’m only an aspiring collector and cosplayer. I haven’t actually bought a single figure in my life but this is based from my observations and research.

A nendroid can cost up to 4000 yen and that’s approximately 2000 pesos. How much can you buy it at Comic Alley? 549 pesos. That seems too much of a price difference doesn’t it? Before buying, think first before you act. Here’s tips that I found on the net on how to spot fake nendroids:

Now I’m not telling you to hate Comic Alley or anything. As I’ve told you I still go there and buy posters. I don’t know if there are genuine posters or not (there’s probably one) but the only thing I buy from Comic Alley are posters. Why? One, they’re cheap so if they’re fake, I wouldn’t cry over how much money I’ve lost. (500 pesos is a huge amount of money for me) Two, I don’t mind having fake posters but I want the figures that I will collect to be genuine.

If you don’t mind having a fake figure in your collection, go ahead, no one’s stopping you. I mean, it’s still your decision what to buy and where to buy it.

After the Storm

Living in a dormitory is hard and I actually (I can’t believe I’m saying this) miss watching the daily news. Yeah sure, there’s a television in the dormitory (the only one) and its located in the TV area (creative name, I know) but I have to go down (I’m in the 2nd floor) and walk there and get the remote by giving my I.D. It’s too much of a hassle and now, most of the residents stay up late doing movie marathons so I really don’t have the time to watch.

I miss watching the news. I don’t know what’s happening outside the University anymore. I don’t even know the name of the storm. Hell, I don’t even know that there’s a storm! It just rained really hard, there was no electricity and classes were suspended.

It was so boring. I never got the the time to take a shower that day because the dorm ran out of water and I was just lying in bed when I decided to draw the remaining free drawing commissions I have. I bought a new sketchpad and pencil with my room mate in SC (Shopping Center) and were faced with the disastrous winds and rain named Pedring.

After that, well, another day of no internet and classes were suspended from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. to “fix” the school. It looks like lots of trees in the other parts of the university fell off. My only class in the afternoon canceled the class too so I was free the whole day but I went to the library to do some research for my speech. Me, my room mate, and a friend passed the academic oval so I took a shot.

Well, let’s just say, until now there are lots of fallen branches and clutter in the University.

First Ride in the LRT

I know, its dumb but it really excited me the first time I rode the LRT (Light Rail Transit). The MRT (Metro Manila Rail Transit System) didn’t made such an impact maybe because I was with my mother at that time. I rode the LRT with friends and co-scholars. We just reported our activities and ate lunch (At Jollibee) so we decided to just go back to UP together.

We first rode a jeepney that leads to I don’t know where and landed in the LRT Line 1. The line 1 is crowded, at least to me but the thing I like the most about there is the strict implementation or rules that the first cars are for women ONLY. Our group consists of 2 boys and 2 girls so the other two had to go to another car. Then we got off the Line 1 to ride the Line 2.

LRT Line 2 is the best LRT I’ve seen so far. The station is very clean, refreshing and looks so modern that, to me, it even surpasses the MRT! The train itself is the best, People are scarce, unlike the very crowded MRT where people are always pushing to get inside. The photo above is taken in LRT Line 2.

It was a pretty long ride but I really liked the LRT (line 2) so I don’t mind. The MRT should be renovated and done in that fashion. hahaha. But I guess that’s impossible since, I think, the structure of LRT is different from MRT. What I suggest is probably organization of the MRT? I wish the place is brighter too. It seems so dull in the stations and more cleanliness. I swear, people should learn to throw their trash in the proper place.

Anyway, after the LRT Line 2 ride (we got off at the second to the last station), we rode a jeepney once again back to our university 😀 We passed Ateneo de Manila University before that and then I headed back to the dormitory, wore shoes (I was wearing slippers), fixed my hair into a messy bun and went to my P.E. Class, which is Duckpin Bowling 😀

Until next time 😀

Going to a Balut Establishment

As I’ve said, I am a student of BS Food Technology in the University of the Philippines Diliman and one of the requirements there is to observe a Food Esteablisment and how they make their product. Well, we went to a Balut establishment in Pateros, Metro Manila.

Balut is a fertilized duck egg embryo that is cooked and eaten with or without salt or vinegar. The unfertilized egg is called ‘Sariwang (Fresh) Penoy’ and the dead embryo is called ‘Penoy’. It is considered a delicacy here in the Philippines. I only eat Penoy because, I can’t eat balut,because its already a chick. I just can’t eat it.

We rode the MRT and a jeepney to the place. I must say, even if we stayed there for a short amount of time, I really did enjoyed asking this and that to the owner. It was a whole new experience. I didn’t have the time to eat breakfast that day so we went to Mang Inasal’s and ordered an unlimited rice package meal (I was hungry!). I ate 2 and a half cup of rice and I thought I wouldn’t eat dinner but I did. I guess I was really hungry…

It was an amazing experience all in all. A practice in interviewing people I guess. I have 2 more interviews to do 😀

D. Gray-man

Sometimes, I wonder, how many are D. Gray-man (by Katsura Hoshino) fans in the world? hahaha. I’m being so random today. Anways, I’m quite proud to say that D. Gray-man is the ONLY ANIME (so far) that I’ve both read AND watched. (I read the manga first though). That’s how D. Gray-man affected me and my life.

You think that this is just about exorcists? Ha, think again! D. Gray-man is one of those simple-at-first-then-super-cool-hidden-plot animes, like Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I have to admit though, I am a big fan of animes like those.

Well, basically, D. Gray-man is about this boy named Allen Walker (a young 15-year old boy) who (at the start of the series) is travelling to the Headquarters of the exorcists (the Black Order) to be formally recognized as one of them. He causes a stir though because of his white hair and… cursed state. He meets the other exorcists and basically, what they do is retrieve “Innocence” and fight the “Akumas”.

Innocence is something that holds the power to exorcise Akuma (Demons), who are made by the Millenium Earl (the main antagonist). They are weapons of the Millenium Earl that do his bidding and are created from the souls of the deceased when their loved ones blame or curse God of their loss. (Wiki) The Millenium Earl wants the Innocence so he can destroy it and then rule the world or get rid of the humans with his Akumas and the Black Order, in order to stop that, collects the Innocence and finds people who are compatible with them.

Allen Walker is one of those who are compatible with Innocence. Those who are compatible with innocence are called exorcists. Allen’s Innocence is his left arm. Of course, Innocence can not only be inside the body (In fact it’s kinda rare). Others like Lenalee, Kanda, and Lavi (other exorcists), have weapon Innocence. Lenalee’s Innocence is her boots (Dark Boots), Kanda has his sword (Mugen), and Lavi, his hammer (Tessei).

I did say that it’s a simple-at-first-then-super-cool-hidden-plot anime right? But of course, I’m not gonna give anything about the super-cool-hidden-part. You have to watch it to know. Trust me, it’s awesome!!

PIcture time!!

The girl on the left is Lenalee, the white-haired boy on the front is Allen, the pony-tailed guy on the right is Kanda and the clown looking guy at the back with orange creepy eyes is the Millenium Earl. Oh and if you’re wondering what’s that flying yellow thing between Allen and the Earl, that’s Timcampy, the golem of Allen’s master.

It’s hard to list all the names but again, Allen’s in the middle in his left is Lenalee (short hair now), in his right is Lavi (red-head with eyepatch)
 and many more… lol.

I promise you, it’s a great manga/anime (one of my faves) so if you have time, read/watch it!


D. Gray-man in 7 manga
D. Gray-man in mangahere
Watch it in

Um, I don’t know if the video mirrors in will work for you because when I tried it now, it didn’t for me but I’m assuming it’s because of the Dormitory proxy. If it didn’t work… hmmmm… you probably have to find some torrents. I can’t provide you with torrent links though. I don’t know how to download torrents or in youtube xD I saw some episodes of D. Gray-man in youtube before. Don’t know now though. Youtube is on time-constraint block in the proxy. (Darn it!)  My sis is the expert in that and she’s the one giving me my copies of anime episodes…. I’m sorry.

Disclaimer: the pictures are not mine. I googled them. xD

The wonders of the Academic Oval

I rarely take jeepneys and it’s probably something that I’m quite proud of. I almost, always walk to my classes and it let’s me appreciate the beauty of UP.

Whenever I walk, I always make sure that, if the situation allows, I will pass in the academic oval, or acad oval for short. The acad oval of the university is nothing like I’ve seen before. It’s full of acacia trees on both sides, very shaded and cool and gives a feeling of calmness. Sometimes I forget that I’m in a university and not at a park because of the huge space that you can walk in.

You see, the lane of the acad oval is three (One way only). Two for vehicles and one for bikers, joggers or pedestrians. Then there’s still a sidewalk and it gives a sense of… space, I guess. You’ll see the colleges on the acad oval on one side and grass, bamboo, trees and some food stalls on the other side. There’s also the sunken garden (It’s a sunken piece of grassland basically that has a number of soccer/football goals standing in it) and the lagoon (A much more little version of the sunken garden?? lol idk much about it…). 😀

There are lots of joggers and bikers in UP, and no, not even half of them are students or faculty. You can see them in any time of the day, morning, afternoon and night. They probably like the space of the acad oval as well (btw, the acad oval is 2.2 km) and in UP, nobody would really care about anything. Even if you’re a celebrity, nobody will squeal at you asking for your autograph. They’ll probably just spare you a glace and say, “Hey, isn’t that ____?” and then go on their way again. I guess it’s what I like about UP the most. You can walk around wearing clothes you wear at home and people wouldn’t care.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

The acad oval, for me, is therapeutic. It relieves me of my worries sometimes and refreshing even though I’ll probably get tired afterwards from walking too much. Maybe, that’s also why I try walk as much as I can before my schedule gets busy. I know a lot of students in UP ride jeepneys all the time or have their own cars but it can’t be helped. People in here are busy and do not have the time to walk.

But, I like to think that even though they rode their cars, or ride a jeep, students can still see and appreciate the wonders of the acad oval. Maybe they do, maybe they do not. But it’s nice to appreciate the surroundings right?